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Sprawled Asleep - David P. Miller

Spirit Spout

Devon Balwit

… a poetic vision directly engaging with Melville’s Moby-Dick;
or, The Whale
– is an eschatological tour de force.

Bury Me in the Sky - Sara Comito

It’s Not Love Till Someone Loses an Eye

Clay Ventre

These poems let you eavesdrop on an intense lovers’ dialogue at the table next to you, a dialogue completely unpredictable, comic and profound.

de/tonations - Brad Rose


christine jones

Christine Jones brilliantly flattens time to lament her beloved mother’s Alzheimer’s, and to celebrate the mother Now.

Amazon will ship faster, your local independent bookstore, many struggling during Covid-19 Crisis, appreciates your business, but buying direct from Nixes Mate puts more shiny in the author’s pocket.

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