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12×18, printed on 100% recycled linen paper.

Signed limited edition of 10.

Set in Mrs. Eaves.

Archive-quality glassine envelope included.

Weight 2 oz

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Do you know how many letters I’ve written you? 
Mostly in my head when I travel from one continent to another, 
pretending to be lost. 

Once, the words made it all the way onto paper. 
But it contained nothing of importance: 
how cold I felt as I walked the dog, 
up and back again on the Upper Falls green belt even in the warm days, 
that biting absence of your presence, 
just as you predicted. 

I wrote of the state of trees along the lash of a blown ravine, 
how hoarfrost laced its spiky tendrils determined to cover nearly all things that were knee-high; 
iced branches threaded to one another in frozen embroidery. 

When, last fall, an orb-weaver spun his web above the front porch 
dropping line after line of silk Ys.
How at the center, he took rest,
curving inward to catch his breath, 
the way I dream you are still here to catch yours. 

How in Iceland they get hundreds of puffins nesting on cliffsides
yet bird knows exactly which nook is his. 
The Icelandic have a phrase for this, sta fyrir allt, 
meaning a place for everything, everything in its place
and I am reminded of all creatures in their homes under this northern winter sun.

About the Author

Renuka Raghavan is the author of Out of the Blue (2017). Her poems and short fiction have been published in literary journals across the United States, with most recent work featured in Mom Egg Review and Gravel Literary Magazine. Renuka serves as the fiction book reviewer at Červená Barva Press, and is a poetry reader for Indolent Books and the Lily Poetry Review. She is also a co-founder of the Poetry Sisters Collective. Renuka writes and lives in Massachusetts with her family and beloved beagle.

Visit her at

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