Nixes Mate is a navigational hazard in Boston Harbor, located at 42° 19′ 47.9″ North · 70° 56′ 43.9″ West

“It is a most hideous Article in the Heap of Guilt lying on you that an Horrible Murder is charged upon you; There is a cry of Blood going up to Heaven against you.” — Cotton Mather

“I shan’t own myself Guilty of any Murder, — Our Captain and his Mate used us Barbarously. We poor Men can’t have Justice done us. There is nothing said to our Commanders, let them never so much abuse us, and use us like Dogs. But the poor Sailors—” — William Fly

Mather, Cotton. The Vial Poured Out Upon the SEA. Boston: T. Fleet, 1726. Database: America’s Historical Imprints, Readex/Newsbank.

“On Tuesday, the 12th Instant, about 3 p.m. were executed for Piracy, Murder, etc., three of the Condemned Persons mentioned in our Last viz. William Fly, Capt., Samuel Cole, Quarter-Master, and Henry Greenville . . . Fly behaved himself very unbecoming even to the last, to the hangman said he, ‘You do not know your trade.’ Their Bodies were carried in a Boat to a small Island calle’d Nick’s-Mate, about 2 Leagues from the town, where the above said Fly was hung up in Irons, as a spectacle for the warning of others, especially sea-faring men; the other Two were buried there.” — The Boston News-Letter, July 7-14, 1726.


We crawled out of the ashes of the 1980s Allston zine scene deciding the world needed a new journal of hand-crafted artisanal literature. Back then we used to say: ’Talk is cheap, publishing is expensive’. Now, we want to challenge the preconceived notions of publishing, of reading on paper and screen.

More than a magazine, Nixes Mate is a website. More than a navigational hazard where pirates were gibbeted, Nixes Mate is unafraid of punctuation; semicolons don’t frighten us. Not even a little bit.

We feature small-batch artisanal literature, created by writers who’ve been honing their craft the time-honored way: one line at a time.

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