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Lisa Brognano’s poetry is the vocal expression of those most beautiful things. Seemingly simple and familiar experiences and observations from everyday life come unannounced from Lisa’s own memories and take a reader by the throat. As serious poems do. And although the experiences are completely hers, we are struck by some universal truths that she so inconspicuously reveals to us with such easiness and simplicity. — Stevan V. Nikolic, Editor, Adelaide Literary Magazine

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First Date


So much depended on that eager
Moment, that outdoor moonshine time.

A picnic basket held limes
And wine and the thickest Florida
Prime rib. No pie, no cake.

The man and lady were shaking
Cutely like kettles, touching their
Elbows, tilting their heads.

They were gentle people with calm
Ideas, lovers of shooting stars.

The red wine, the green limes, the
Noises of the night echoing like gongs
On trees, gongs on trees, gongs on trees.

Hailing A Taxi


She wore many bracelets, each
Was a noodle on her wrist, she
Wore a shirt with a pocket and
It had lovely designs on it, quite
Odd for an executive, a pacifist,
Tall anti-war girl, a woman dis-
Tressed with global warming.
The corridors echoed with the
Ping of her heels as she said bye,
Bye, take care, to the mealy-
Mouthed man and walked out
Of the building, hailing a taxi,
The driver puffed his smoke out
The rolled-down window, saying
He didn’t care much for heavy
Snowy winters, much less driving
Through slush.



He yells to her over
Big bank of hills and
Sees nothing but blunt
Brown banks and a snake
River below.

She hears Tom and from
Her ledge moves a little,
Sees the river and some grass.

He strains and pivots, parting
The grass. She remains still
And pale, swallows some air,
As she sees him climb over
The flow of the river where
The rocks lay. He won’t stay
Long, he has to get back.

About the Author

Lisa Brognano is the author of a romance novel, A Man for Prue (Resplendence,
2017). Her poetry has appeared in both national and international literary
journals. She holds two master’s degrees, one in English and one in Art.
Currently, she lives in New York with her husband.

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Copyright © 2017 Lisa Brognano

Cover photograph from the collection of Lauren Leja

ISBN 978-0-9991882-3-1

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or
used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the
publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review or scholarly

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