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Night Valley · Alexander Etheridge
Night Valley · Alexander Etheridge


12×10.5 inches printed on 100% recycled linen paper.
Signed limited edition of 10.
Set in Mrs. Eaves.
Archive-quality glassine envelope included.

10 in stock

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There’s fire, then later on,
antifire – I don’t know how else
to describe it, the way snow
falls into the mind.
I don’t know where I am
anymore, and all the roads
are buried in ash.
Blindness now
is seeing. There’s a trail I dreamt of
where light collapses.
Being lost everywhere is
home – life, then antilife,
out here
under dark and dazzled stars.
About the Author

Alexander Etheridge has been developing his poems and translations since 1998. His poems have been featured in Scissors and Spackle, Ink Sac, Cerasus Journal, The Cafe Review, The Madrigal, Abridged Magazine, Susurrus Magazine, The Journal, Roi Faineant Press, and many others. He was the winner of the Struck Match Poetry Prize in 1999, and a finalist for the Kingdoms in the Wild Poetry Prize in 2022.

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