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12×18, printed on 100% recycled linen paper.

Signed limited edition of 10.

Set in Mrs. Eaves.

Archive-quality glassine envelope included.

Weight 2 oz

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So what if I woke up changed    it’s not like I’m a wild hog 

or some Evill thing      not a Reall hog 

that follows you home     Jumps into the window   

a Munky with Cocks feete w’th Claws    don’t believe 

what my Accuser says      or believe it

the fact is      my divorce attorney’s building

sits on the site of the prison   where they kept the Accused  

in Chaines     in 1692     I came there with a silk scarf 

worn loosely     at the neck    borders looped 

with colored thread      he came   with daisies    dark

chocolate      and proclaimed 

my wife came towards me and found fault with me  

downstairs   in the dungeon   they chained us to the walls 

to keep our spirits from escaping    in the Liknes of a bird

About the Author


Cindy Veach is the author of Gloved Against Blood (CavanKerry Press), selected as a ‘Must Read’ book by The Massachusetts Center for the Book and named a finalist for the Paterson Poetry Prize. Her work has appeared in the Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day Series, AGNI, Poet Lore, Michigan Quarterly Review, Diode and elsewhere. Cindy received the Phillip Booth Poetry Prize and the Samuel Allen Washington Poetry Prize. She is co-poetry editor for Mom Egg Review.

Cindy Veach
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