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12×18, printed on 100% recycled linen paper.

Signed limited edition of 10.

Set in Mrs. Eaves.

Archive-quality glassine envelope included.

Weight 2 oz

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What I like on you I don’t like on myself – is that desire?

I keep walking back and forth, spilling the water and the coffee.

Last night, a coyote a crossed to the forest in front of me
with something kicking in its jaws, and before that was
the otherworldly stillness of a winter road and an accident:
a car nose-down in the snow.

The windshield was a thousand tiny shards, but holding.

What could I have said to whoever was stunned inside –
that the day called for struggles with work and sex-life?

No, the stars blow wind across your face on a night like this.

About the Author

Hannah Larrabee’s recent full-length collection, Wonder Tissue, won the Airlie Press Poetry Prize. She’s had work appear in journals such as: The Adirondack Review, Glass Journal of Poetry, Lambda Literary Spotlight, and Nixes Mate Review, and she was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Hannah was selected by NASA to write poetry about the James Webb Space Telescope at Goddard Space Center, and she’ll be sailing around Svalbard with scientists in 2020 as part of the Arctic Circle Residency. She has an MFA from the University of New Hampshire.

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