Issue 9 · Fall, 2018

Issue 9 · Fall, 2018

Welcome to Issue 9 of Nixes Mate Review.

Our 2nd anniversary is surrounded by the spectacle and the noise. We are adrift on fault lines. Our symptoms of distress are almost too much to bear.

And yet ...

and yet, poetry becomes the wilderness we desire, the wilderness where we rage. Poetry is the machinery we use to pursue our enemies to a wilderness of dust. Poetry is the gusset on the rusting guardrails of democracy. Poetry is democracy. VOTE!

Dream in Which the World Revealed Itself to Me · Hannah Larrabee

On the Nature of Daylight · Hannah Larrabee

Squeezed · Sarah Bigham

Produce · Sarah Bigham

Near the Carnival · C.C. Russell

Alongside · Lisa Akus

Dust Cover · Bill Kemmett

Portrait of a Father · Kyle Laws

Buried With a Mouth Full of Pearls · Kyle Laws

Terminal Island · Kevin Ridgeway

The Heart Rages On · Cat Dixon

Ann Pudeator · Cindy Veach

Susannah Martin · Cindy Veach

Wilmott Redd · Cindy Veach

Three Fridas · Marc Frazier

Outlier · Rusty Barnes

Checkers · D.S. Maolalai

Exclusive in New York for Bergdorf Goodman · Cammy Thomas

My Final Thought of You · William Schulz

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