Issue 7 · Spring 2018

Issue 7 · Spring 2018

Welcome to Issue 7 of Nixes Mate Review.

The Spring that never starts is the Spring that is sorely missed, unless you like Nor'easters. Our fabled navigational hazard was slashed and bashed about and funneled up to her gunwales. Aquarium was flooded and still the sea rose. They found fossilized horse cart tracks and long buried telegraph poles that ringed Cape Cod like a necklace of voices with pendants of shipwrecks and longboats flashing along the shoals. Yet Winter remained: 200 inches of snow in Erie, Pennsylvania; tariffs and Stormy and guns. The Space Force Wants You. Join now before space is just another suburb. It was the Winter of AWP, of river walks in Tampa, of reuniting with old bad ass friends and meeting new bad ass friends. And it's always the season of poetry with a dash of fiction.

In 1635 John Wise established himself · Henry Wise

Warning: Hollow Sidewalks · Mignon Ariel King

The Pickle Factory on Columbus Ave. · Mignon Ariel King

Dancing with Anne Sexton on the Charles · Richard D. Houff

Drinking at the Raccoon grille · Julia Carlson

No Choice · Jeff Weddle

That Boy (didn’t speak since his death) · Polly Richardson Munnelly

December in Erie, PA · Matt Borczon

Meeting · Robert Beveridge

First Friday Hanging · Breea Schutt

Breakdown · Steven Deutsch

Santa Ana · Mitchell Grabois

An American Girl · Karen Friedland

Bait Dogs · Karen Friedland

Absences · FJ Bergmann

Migration · Hussam Jefee-Bahloul

Death exercises · Hussam Jefee-Bahloul

Dear Yaniris · Susanna Lang

Horses · Phil Montenegro

Quinta Del Sordo · Phil Montenegro

We are planting the babyheads by moonlight · Alan Catlin

I have always been daunted by curtains · S. Stephanie

Epithalamium · Rich Ives

Grand Finale · Renuka Raghavan

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