Issue 2 · Winter 2017

Issue 2 · Winter 2017

Welcome to Issue 2 of Nixes Mate Review.

We experienced an election of discontent. They tore down the old Allston/Brighton tolls. The weather in Boston remains execrable. Our friend's shop in Brooklyn, that we helped build, Quimbys Bookstore NYC, is open for business. We published our first Nixes Mate book, On Broad Sound by Rusty Barnes, with more books to come in the next few months. We insist the Winter be filled with poetry and stories.

Erie is an outlaw love song | Matt Borczon

The Tingler | Ace Boggess

Tristesse | Howie Good

Harvest | Clare Martin

To My Palestinian Hero | Belinda Subraman

Seduction | Clare Martin

Flying | Gloria Mindock

Taxis to Nowhere | Nancy Iannucci

Traveler's Aid | Gary Beck

Never-Never land | Pris Campbell

Mermaids of the Charles River | Lee

The World's Fattest Man | Corey Mesler

On Learning the Arcane Fact | David Spicer

Renewing Renewal | Ben Nardolilli

July | Aden Thomas

You Find Yourself | Paul Brookes

So Find Meaning | James Croal Jackson

The Neighbors | Nancy Iannucci

A Winter | Paul Brookes

The Last Hours of Christmas | Mark DeCarteret

Dance, God Damn it, Dance | Jeff Weddle

Perfectionist | Robert Beveridge

Love Note | Aden Thomas

Active Art Is Always Overlooked | Ron Androla

Winter Rental | Mark DeCarteret

Pomegranate Explosion | Richard King Perkins II

My Dirty Life and Times | Howie Good

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