Issue 1 · Fall 2016

Issue 1 · Fall 2016

Welcome to Nixes Mate Review. Out of the ashes of the 1980s Allston zine scene comes a new journal of hand-crafted artisanal literature. We are excited about our first issue. We can almost taste the ferrous grit of photocopied paper, almost smell the poverty of basement print shops, feel the numbness in our hands from hours of folding and stapling hundreds of zine copies. There appears to be a resurgence in zine publishing and zine awareness, analogous to the vinyl resurgence in music. An old friend from the Allston zine scene just moved back from Amsterdam to open an underground bookstore in New York affiliated with Quimby's, the bookstore he founded in Chicago 25 years ago. As we used to say: 'Talk is cheap, publishing is expensive'. It's in our blood. We breathe those black worms on paper, on the screen, on the walls.

A Tanka (prologue) | Pris Campbell

Buckshot Words | Bart Solarczyk

6 something am | Dan Flore

Southern Comfort | Dan Flore

Fog Window | Belinda Subraman

Untitled | Michael McInnis

Ostrich Days | Pris Campbell

Girl Poetry | Heidi Blakeslee

Opposition | Gloria Mindock

Petunias | Heather A. Sullivan

The Chole Vignette | Jeff Weddle

my vagina is a battleax | Heidi Blakeslee

Transcript from Lucy Ricardo's Therapy Session (#1) | Taylor Liljegran

Transcript from Lucy Ricardo's Therapy Session (#2) | Taylor Liljegren

Transcript from Lucy Ricardo's Therapy Session (#3) | Taylor Liljegren

Forgive-Me-Not | A. Deweese

Day Dreams | Matthew Borczon

Down Shirley Street | Rusty Barnes

cred | John Thomas Menesini

At the Fisherman’s Feast of the Madonna Del Soccorso di Sciacca | Michael McInnis

Kathi and the Spinning Spider | Ron Androla

Mean Rosemarine | mpcAstro

Watching | Dominic Albanese

Belle Isle Marsh | Rusty Barnes

Lords of the Wichita | Anne Elezabeth Pluto

Tilted World | Bart Solarczyk

Disgruntled Folk Artist Yells at Wind | Red Focks

Hands | Lauren Leja

Invisible Commute | Lauren Leja

Month Mouth Moth | Dan Raphael

Brain Dead | Matthew Borczon

Karakoz | Anne Elezebeth Pluto

Immortal | Heather Sullivan

A Late May Day this Dark Confuses my Sense of Spring | Dan Raphael

Elvis Presley Discusses the Nature of Reality / Love in the Age of Intelligent Machines (with dialogue from ‘GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS’ - 1962) | Andrew Darlington

I Was Thinking About | A. Deweese

It's about that hour | Dan Flore

Alchemy | R.M. Engelhardt

To | Dominic Albanese

A Tanka (epilogue) | Pris Campbell

All works copyrighted by their authors; all rights reserved.

Header image by Philip Borenstein, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.