Nixes Mate Books

Back in the old Allston zine days, we published books of poetry and short stories. Now, in the new Allston century our love of publishing books, like our love of zines and literary journals is renewed, rekindled and reinvigorated.

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On Broad Sound

Kinky Keeps the House Clean

Squall Line on the Horizon

Comes To This

Hitchhiking Beatitudes

Air & other Stories

Waiting for an Answer

A World Where

My Southern Childhood

The Paul Bunyan Ballroom

Forthcoming titles:

The Willow Howl | Lisa Brognano
Capp Road | Matt Borczon
Jesus in the Ghost Room | Rusty Barnes
Heart of the Broken World | Jeff Weddle
Smokey of the Migraines | Michael McInnis
Lubbock Electric | Anne Elezabeth Pluto
STARLAND | Jessica Purdy
Nixes Mate Review Anthology 2016-17

Nixes Mate Books is NOT accepting unsolicited manuscripts for its book series. If you would like to submit poetry or short fiction to Nixes Mate Review, please see our Submit page. Thank you.