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Series · Mari Deweese
series · Mari Deweese


Like a fiery sea nymph, Deweese skillfully navigates the challenging waters of the universe. A questioning enchantress, sifting through memories rich in erotic imagery, she glides ghost-like through death of innocence to depths of exquisite sensual connection – transcendent in nature yet forever at odds with the test of time. 

Barbara H. Moore, author of Dancing On Broken Glass

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning was a Kinky BAMF


What matter to me?
(no matter)
Their star is a world.
Stand further off
then, lost saints
tell me. courtyard wanderers.
Mine has opened (I lived with visions
For company).
In the house of my father
I languished in greyness
laced up, scratching at throat,
certain of only: I will die and here
and soon and slightly. Damp.
I moulder in taffeta.
I do not wait
for a kiss that will never come
from a human mouth. Man’s dreams
if bested by God’s gifts still leave me cold
dinner for graveworms.
Something quivers in letters.
I have not spent my tears.
They do not collect in a bottle.
The bottle is me.

Some day I’ll drown and then
When the fire dies down
what the fuck ya gonna do?
We stand erect, to touch tips lengthening,
and angels press on us.
it feels good to be a…
Let me count the ways.
Hey yo Death.
Bosom-swell this, bitch.


Some nights
I wonder if
some day after
all of your gazing
at these figures
at these bodies
you will still remember
when I was the sun
and you
were the world
at my center.


You stole the charts,
O son of Mars,
and found my roundness
exposed, you
see lips: is
my nakedness enough
after all these years
for you to find me
still inside
your firmament?

About the Author

Under the influence of both the River and irreverence, Mari ‘Diz/zy’ Deweese lives and sings and writes of what she’s learned on the rougher, sometimes slicker, side of the Queer American dream in Memphis. When she isn’t busy selling whatever sells these days, she releases her work through the blessed small presses, and her artist pages on social media. Her first three books, or ‘The Kinky Volumes’, from Nixes Mate Books stand as a solid introduction to the rest of the poets, and the rest of what’s left.


Copyright © 2021 Mari Deweese

Cover design by d’Entremont

ISBN 978-1-949279-37-5

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review or scholarly journal.

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