Wilmott Redd

Cindy Veach

Hanged, September 22, 1692

Local fisherman knew her as Mammy,
wife of Marblehead County of Essex
fisherman, Samuel Redd. Cranky
and poor she had only rags for dresses.
“Witch,” accused a neighbor after a dispute
over butter. It didn’t help that her
daughter was once married to that brute
George Burroughs who many liked to refer
to as ‘ringleader’ of the witches.
Mary, Mercy, Abigail fell into fits
and Ann swore she brought her the Book. Bitches!
When asked were they Bewitcht? She kept her wits.
All she would say was my opinion
is they are in sad condition

Quotes (in italics) from Salem Witch Trials, Documentary Archive and Transcription Project (Essex County Archives, Salem -- Vol. 2 Page 4 )