What if God is Strict · Gloria Mindock

I am looking for the right flesh with no bleeding
My voice free, hanging from the crucifix
Passion from these lips igniting sins
to clot my mouth

Crucifixes break everyday,
are shoved into a drawer,
collect dust in a thrift shop
Sometimes Jesus becomes so dusty that cleaning
him is a problem
The dust too thick to let him resurrect

When he does, he sneezes
Maybe Jesus will develop an allergy,
a miracle of life

Gloria Mindock is the author of 5 books of poetry, the most recent, I Wish Ffrancisco Franco Would Love Me (Nixes Mate). She has been translated and published in eight different languages. She is the recipient of the Ibbetson Lifetime Achievement Award and the Allen Ginsberg Award for Community Service. Gloria is the editor of Cervena Barva Press and one of the USA editors for Levure Litteraire (France). She was the poet laureate in Somerville, MA in 2017 and 2018.