Water Aerobics

Catherine Arra

Four women stomping
down pool laps
cajole the Bistro owner to pipe
out the music – LOUD.
I forget the book.

Big woman
with the biggest voice starts it.
Her entourage in varying degrees
of size and volume pipe in
telling tales
about that first lay; drunken legs straddling
young buttocks
in backseats, closets, cornfields.

loving themselves young.

Then in unison, no cues
the white visor, straw hat
black cap and pink turban
pick up step with the beat,
punch air, singing Rockin’ Robin.

We’re all rockin’ bare toes keeping time.
Man next to me shakes his head
gives up on the Sunday Times, leaves
as they jump, midriffs bulging and
shout, Tequila!

Someone on the ladder shouts back
“No, margarita!”

It’s that mix – that zeitgeist
between 1955 and ‘75
the cold war and Vietnam

What it is ain’t exactly clear

When we
fought the law…

Help, a Dream Lover, a Dream

It was
The Time of the Season
to Give Peace

Take a load off...

sha la,
la la dee dah

Do you remember
when we used to…?

Just like that.