Undeniable Songs · Kathleen Clancy

When the man had the silvery gun in his hand
and the bullets were hitting the girl in the back
she was trying to run from him. Shot in the front,
she had turned somehow, starting to run for the door,
but she fell on the ground. She was twisted. She pushed
but she couldn’t get up and her boyfriend got down
on his knees and he cried in his hands where she stood
right before she was killed. I was there. With the gun
and the bullets, the shooter he ran to my car
and he looked at me straight in the eye and I saw
he seemed happy and Next I thought I’ll be his next.
Or he’ll force me to drive him away
. When he came
to my window and moved to the back of my car
he was gone. Then the signal turned green. It was strange
but I started to drive through the light like I drive
everyday. I was going to dinner nearby.
I arrived when I heard them – the sirens that sound
unlike sirens would sound – and I called the police
to describe how the stranger is living in part
of me now. She sings undeniable songs.

Kathleen Clancy recently placed poems in Café Review, Cider Press Review, and Apalachee Review. Poems from her sonnet sequence “Robbing the Dollhouse” were used as part of the text of a multi-media dance-drama, Shackled Spirits, which was performed at Holy Cross College and at the Bali Arts Festival in Indonesia.