Today’s Goddesses: My Daily To-Do List · Sarah Bigham

I. To counteract

The colleague who married three times, with multiple public celebrations and elaborate gift registries, who complained about receiving too many serving platters, and, when I later got married, the first and only time, sent a whisk

The mother writing to a columnist about what interventions might be appropriate for her second grader facing extensive dental work, who indicated that her daughter had an appropriate respect for authority and would probably not need anesthesia because the child knew to obey those in a white coat

The exchange student who arrived at school with an attitude that implied worldliness, education, and experience beyond our comprehension, but who later described the indigenous population of her country as drunks by the side of the road

The grandmother discussing her granddaughter’s challenges in school, who after being encouraged to help the child thrive in her strength areas, flatly stated that she did not know what those areas might be

II. To amplify

The friend, unable to attend my wedding reception due to a previously scheduled lifetime event, who loaned me her beautiful pearls to wear when I eloped in a beautiful Vermont garden

A friend of a colleague (someone I have never met, but trailed on social media) who endured years of invasive fertility treatments, all while celebrating the pregnancies and births and adoptions of those surrounding her, who ultimately doubled the size of her family with the help of a surrogate

The famous author who took the time to listen despite a snaking line of fans and genuinely thanked me for my words, plus the new author who wrote a moving piece about difficult experiences who thanked me for helping her be brave

The students who, despite childcare challenges and low-paying jobs, divorces and car trouble, family deaths and early traumas, come to my classes and share their lived wisdom, as we try to make today better for ourselves and those around us

Sarah Bigham is a previous Nixes Mate contributor who lives in Maryland with her kind chemist wife, three independent cats, and an unwieldy herb garden. A Pushcart and Best of the Net nominee, Sarah’s work has appeared in a variety of great places. Find her at