Three Fridas

Marc Frazier

Frida Kahlo painting “Las Dos Fridas”, 1939. Photo by Nickolas Muray

Frida, bright red flowers in her hair,
head tilted, off-white earrings dangling
paused to look at Nickolas/

brush and paint-blotched palette held
in her left hand she is two places at once:
caught on film in this snapshot moment

and the next stroke of her brush moving in her mind,
the large canvas of Las Dos Fridas
behind her, two stately-postured versions of herself

holding hands, clouds in a dark blue sky behind/
Nickolas wonders at the three Fridas before him
at the striking woman paused on her stool

the other two of her sitting in front of sky/
it is too much!
these many versions of one/

does holding hands prevent disappearing into clouds?
her painted selves live in her mind freely
till anchored in paint and canvas

Nickolas is confused for a moment
Which Frida is real?