The Triumph of Death · Kenneth Pobo

Painting by Bruegel

I’m sunlight
on age spots, a dying coffee cup
looking for solace
from a Ticonderoga pencil.

Late last week my boss
crumpled laughter, tossed it
in a basket full of scorpions.
He seduces hieroglyphics.

Death works the elevator,
can swing from a fluorescent tube.
My skeleton co-workers
paw through the basket
to retrieve lost laughs.
I watch my skin fry up
like bologna. At closing,
a star

a silver hot dog
falls into a campfire.

Kenneth Pobo has a book of prose poems forthcoming from Clare Songbirds Publishing House called The Antlantis Hit Parade. In addition to Nixes Mate Review, his work has appeared in: Mudfish, Hawaii Review, Eclectica, Brittle Star, and elsewhere.