Taxis to Nowhere

Nancy Iannucci

I have to go! I have to go where I feel most happy & right now  here  isn’t it. IT is __________ (depending on his fixation, IT could be Italy, Florida, California to name a few). He staggered into the taxi & gave me a reassuring wink with one of his black eyes. We watched him clutch a brown paper bag so taut I couldn’t help but think of Linus & his blue blanket. Funny, he was cast as Charlie Brown in his eighth-grade school play. He reached down to scratch his left ankle bloated with a sandwich bag of secret Sweetarts. I knew he was checking to make sure it was still there. I’m alright! I won’t do anything stupid. Believe me. As the taxi sped off for the third time in two days, we turned toward the house like zombies.