Susannah Martin

Cindy Veach

Hanged, July 19, 1692

Call me troublemaker.
I speak my mind.
I have a temper.
Call me witch: Mary, Abigail, Mercy, Ann.
Bear witness: William, John, Bernard, Thomas,
Reverend Cotton Mather — and I quote:
This woman was one of the most impudent,
scurrilous, wicked creatures of this world.

Therefore —
take me away. Search
with your cold hands
until my flesh seizes up —
in the morning her nipples
were found to be full
as if the milk would come

fingers fingering, eyes eyeing
looking, looking
for the extra teat
to suckle my imps —
but later in the day
her breasts were slack,
as if milk had already been given
to someone or something

Go ahead. Search me twice.
Twice, no witch’s teat.
Cart me away.
Gallows me.
Pity my poor imps.

Quote (in italics) by Cotton Mather from Examiner’s note (in italics) from: