Sitting in the Lecture on Opiods · Melissa Rendlen

They die,
  my friends.

DUI’s, OD’s, suicides.

Other times it’s slow, a wasting.
Too many bottles of vodka
too many multi drug cocktails,
too many years,
too many times.

Not me!
That’s what I say.

In my mind I repeat terms,
   high functioning,
   low risk.

I don’t even fool me.

Lies my comfort,

   and likely my demise.

Melissa Rendlen is a pseudo retired urgent care physician who enjoys writing poetry, reading everything, and living in northern Wisconsin. She has had work in Underfoot Poetry, The Missing Slate, Nixes Mate Review and Anthology 2017/18, Poets Reading the News, Plath Poetry Project to name a few. Her first chapbook is upcoming with Clare Songbirds Publishing.