Rothko Panel Two · Jonathan B. Aibel

The whole spectrum hidden
in the dumbstruck clouds,

three quadrilateral
wretched graces holding hands,

menhirs, almost animals, blood
puddled, skin and egg, inside-out

gateways, lying face-up
arms outstretched in the black

not black. Ultramarine shifts
to Lithol red, an ocean to fall into,

in this darkness I want
to see lucifers sparking.

At the end there isn't a single star.

Jonathan B. Aibel is a poet and software engineer. His poems have been published, or will soon appear, in Lily Poetry Review, The Aurorean, Mason's Road, Round Magazine, and in the anthology Rhyme and Punishment (Local Gems Press). Jonathan lives in Concord, MA with his family.