Squall Line on the Horizon · Pris Campbell

Squall Line on the Horizon · Pris Campbell

Pris Campbell has taken her lyrical skills into the realm of Tanka and owns it. Over 13 centuries old, this Japanese form, often referred to as “small songs”, are poetry of thought, feeling and personal reflection. Using symbolic, metaphorical and imaginative language, the author explores the passion, love and ultimate loss of a never-forgotten first love shaped and affected by the Vietnam War. These poems are courageous, honest and sensual and pay homage not only to her first-love, but her last, and in between, the sanctuary of the family. The poet’s love of the sea is woven throughout the book. As the title suggests, “Squall Line on the Horizon” reflects a poet who bravely addresses the past as a means to understanding the present, with eyes firmly kept on the horizon. — Carole MacRury, Past Board Member, Tanka Society of America; Author of The Tang of Nasturtiums

wars stench
permeates the air between us –
‘you invade my space’,
door slammed behind you

cloaked by clouds
that morphine moon
your spirit
slip-slides each night
back to that old war

loud in the night
six months dead
and I still sometimes imagine
you’re really back in Vietnam

squall line
on the far horizon
heart pounding
I double reef my sails
for whatever the night brings

Pris Campbell

The free verse poetry of Pris Campbell has appeared in numerous journals, such as PoetsArtists, Rusty Truck, Bicycle Review, Boxcar Poetry Review, and Outlaw Poetry Network. Her last book, Squall Line on the Horizon, a book of romantic tanka, was published by Nixes Mate Books. Her haiku, tanka and haiga publications include Frogpond, cattails, Acorn, Haigaonline, One Hundred Gourds, and Failed Haiku. The Small Press has published six collections of her free verse poetry and Clemson University Press a seventh one, a collaboration. A former Clinical Psychologist, sailor and bicyclist until sidelined by ME/CFS in 1990, she makes her home in the Greater West Palm Beach, Florida.

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