Post Card to Thompson Jan. 5, 2019: Kitchen Confidential Revisited · Alan Catlin

They all had names like:
Cutter and Bone, Animal Mother
and Mad Dog. Wore head bands,
neck bands, wrist bands, to absorb
the sweat.
The really cool ones, the super stars,
wore samurai head wraps like
Christopher Walken in Deer Hunter
when he was doing his Russian Roulette
They were never women, though
they liked to fuck them. Even the waitresses,
especially the waitresses, who otherwise,
had no use at all.
All the cooks agreed there was a song
about their lives called, "I Walk the Line"
and it was sung by a man in black.
They laughed when they said it but no one
thought it was a joke. They were all crazy.
Every single one of them. Maybe it was
the heat. Maybe they were born that way.
Maybe it was came with the job.
If you worked there, you just had to go with it.
After all, they all had knives they knew
how to use.

Alan Catlin