Designs in Nature [Photo Essay]

Paul Brookes

Artist Statement
Designs in nature capture my eye. I frame its fractals. Take shots from unusual angles or landscapes with a macro lens. Bring out the colours of light on water or in the grain of decaying wood. Often the water and trees and shape are post industrial and manmade. I love to express how natural growth takes place in a managed environment. How it can surprise in a scene manufactured by landscapers.. At the lakeside I often found feathers. As if nature reoccupied the landscape with its throw away items. Odd Logs enticed me. Even when deliberately placed to give interest to an invented landscape, They decay naturally, are possessed by insects and sculpted by gust, rain, hail and ice. All this I like to look at in the wider view of water and sky.

Paul Brookes Paul Brookes Paul Brookes Paul Brookes