out into the darkness

ryki zuckerman

far, far away,
12.9 billion miles
beyond the count of skipping rope,
a golden record
of the sounds and sights
of the planet earth
we are so fond of

gold, a thing that never rusts,
holding the beats of a human heart
the lilt of a child's laughter,
a whale song of the fog,
the whisper of the wind on the flutes of a nomadic tribe,
the roar of saturn V lifting off,
a navajo night chant, a mother and child, the alima song
by mbuti of the ituri rain forest —
all, that you might hear us.

voyager has taken it all
to interstellar space,
the dark end of the universe,
we have never seen
(except in our imagination),
where we hope
some other intelligence
will access our old 70s technology
and have some way to hear and see
what we want them to know of us
and our distant locus.

we hope they are a gentle species
and do not use the information
we have sent them
to come and wreak havoc
in our corner of the galaxy.
after all, we have been doing
such a good job of that ourselves.