Oprah’s Frozen Pizza · Heidi Blakeslee

for thirty years oprah has been
on a visual and loud crusade against her body
whether exultant: lost weight
or abiding: weight gain
we are expected
to connect to her because almost all women
are weird about their thighs

it comes from decades
of critique: catcalls, subliminal advertising, health magazines
movies, television, video games, porn, guru doctors
and side commentary from parents
and well meaning (?) friends

now oprah is hawking frozen pizza
what are we to make of this?
couldn’t she just have skipped the bullshit weight shaming decades
and went right for the pizza from the beginning?

is she finally broken down?
bent on reaching terminal acceptance?

frozen pizza?

Heidi Blakeslee lives in Ambridge, Pa. Her work has been accepted most recently in Open Minds Quarterly, Duck Lake Journal, and WinedrunkSidewalk.blogspot.com. Alien Buddha published her most recent novel, The House, and her most recent full length poetry book, Neurotica.