Gloria Mindock

anna pavlova twirled danced on point gracefully but was angry at her leading man but not to worry stephen king to her rescue with heavy eyebrows he shot skunks onto the stage squirting perfume into the stage floorboards while chewing tobacco pavlova legs suddenly grew and were like wings kicking those who hated her so one night 50,000 legs fell on the stage during the performance and stephen stood there patient laughing evil watching people fall hurt at midnight those bodies were in front of trains waiting to be crushed like when he was a child witnessing a friends death by train choo choo choo anna and stephen sat on a bar stool and drank stephen was in recovery no more anna with an imagination like stephen laughing showing how her delicate facial expression changed as she collected exotic birds and animals and then bit them one by one teeth bloody growling mean wanting more parrots angry ballerina with rage and stephen smiled to see another carrie born with doors slamming exorcist head and many legs forming their own dance company called the dying swans fragile but with a kick a royale beating job jete jete vole ballerina vole and as you do stephen starts his next story but anna did not like this she wanted a better ending jete jete jete flying into the air with perfect balance the air air air held her up floating majestically conservative seeing a double image doppelganger her eyes were bloody hands raw and around 3:00 everything she bit walked the earth bones of crawl stephen retired in maine where he lives now and he thinks of his anna as he looks out the window sees all the bones roam in the yard calling to him calling to anna as if revenge would help dark night low shiny moon skunk perfumes his porch floor boards phew phew phew

Issue 1 : Fall, 2016