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Rusty Barnes

Excerpts from On Broad Sound

I Love You, Satori

On a bus to the Northgate
Shopping Center I’m stuck
next to a porcine transit
cop. Every button on his
uniform strains. I wonder why
he’s there. Then I realize
it’s not fat it’s a Kevlar jacket
under his clothes. I feel badly
for a moment because I am fat.
I go out the folding door.
A swallow delicately sips
from a puddle. I am still fat.

Northgate Shopping Center (a rant)

Don’t go there in a snowstorm,
the piles of snow will go higher
than your car and every clueless
git thinks he or she
can navigate it. For a bunch of New
Englanders these fuckers can’t
drive to save themselves, 4-Runners
rocketing off into the side
of the McDonald’s drive-through
motherfuckers in KIA’s sliding like ducks
on ice with everybody driving the
wrong way up the lanes next
to the CVS. All I need is the med-
icine I have to have to operate
in this world to begin with. What
I want is the sweet neck of your
average beer bottle. I’d stick my
tongue down its glassy throat
for just a hint of oblivion.

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ISBN 978-0-692-80593-0

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