not even your ghost

Linda M. Crate

you're death
came to splinter
all my dreams
which give me wings
and life

so i dropped your bones
in the river
letting them wash away
memories of old and new
when it came to me and you

i don't have any need
for winter whose chill surrenders
my bones to some sort of
numb paralysis
that leaves me longing for spring,

and i am done being the candle
that lights you way
because i am a star that shines brighter
than the stars
won't be reduced to your gilded cage;

your pedestal can't hold me
and your tongue will never tame
for i am the wilds:
deep, intense, passionate, mad
i am a savage garden that will rip apart

anyone who wanders into my forest
without invitation
because i am ready to be more than
simply flowers to those who are unkind to me
i will shove my thorns through their eyes

they will begin to see my revenge
is my success
because i won't be held back by anyone
nothing will tether me to the past not even
your ghost.