No Trespassing · Jyl Ion

One day, I'll walk
without invitations for rides
shouted by men in
pickup trucks
driving in the opposite direction.
Straight to hell.

And wait
without an incessant flow of questions
about my marital status &
whether I've been incarcerated
or not, as though that
would explain why
I'm not married
if I'm looking for a boyfriend
and why not,
whether I'll take their phone numbers
to call when I'm ready
for one.
Constant harassment
embeds itself
in me.

I think I'll tattoo
“No Trespassing”
across my chest
after all,
and walk with
a pit bull named "Happy"
my body between
sandwich boards that read,
like the sign
in Isabel's bedroom did,

No hunting
or fishing, here.

Jyl Ion is a poet, visual artist, and forensic medium. Her work appears in Anthony Award nominated Protectors 2: Heroes and Asylum Magazine among other publications. Originally from Trinidad, she now lives in the United States where she nurtures orchids and faces the blank page. Find her on twitter @jylanaision.