New Releases

Our new releases feature the new cover design. Same as the old cover design only better.

Elissa, Bill, ryki, Heather, and Karen have proven that the 26 letters of the alphabet they use nurtures syllabic rhizomes to create dazzling words.

Atomic Time by Elissa Rashkin
At once timeless and completely of our time, Elissa Rashkin understands how language connects us to our senses and, with Plath-like dexterity, leads us down dark, wet passages into our own bodies and cultural memories.
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Accelerant by Bill Yarrow
Bill Yarrow is a modern marvel – a real poet in an unreal time. He takes no prisoners. He doesn’t have to – they come to him. He is afraid of nothing and nobody.
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the gone artists by ryki zuckerman
ryki zuckerman’s poems stroll with absolute confidence through an ordinary world of surprising turns in which a recipe, a bag of combs, a cat, a jacket, or an apple pie open into wonders that peek through the visible.
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Method Acting for the Afterlife by Heather Sullivan
Heather Sullivan weaves together domestic and desperate moments to bring us into the heart distance “between birth and death” where we part the curtains and enter her poems to become transparent.
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Places Tthat Are Gone by Karen Friedland
Karen Friedland’s poems dig deep in the warm soil that nurtures even the frailest, most vulnerable living things.
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