Men Who Are Afraid of Bats

Jennifer Martelli

. . . . it kills me when I think about it. The black leather gloves
and all cuts, all through the gloves
on both her hands . . . .
– Sophia Farrar

D.H. Lawrence described the bats
in Pisa, Italy,
as serrated wings against the sky,

*Like a glove,

a black glove thrown up at the light* . . . .

He called the flight of bats
Dark air life looping and confused them
for a flight of swallows

in the Italian dusk. He feared them, too,
those old rags. Sophia

yelled to the neighbor peeking through the slit
in his apartment door for a towel, Karl, please,

for the blood
from the torn open cuts.

She was my friend
and I knew she was hurt

Sophia said

that was my reason for flying . . . .