Leave it Running · Phil Huffy

Apparently, an earlier generation of tradesmen had found
it expedient to create a first floor powder
by piping an unconditioned crawlspace beneath the kitchen.

Access to these underpinnings, required when
freezing conditions pertained, was accomplished through a trapdoor
under the clothes dryer and if leakage had occurred,
it was a wet, cold, dark, and otherwise unpleasant encounter.

The eminent firm of Geist and Geist, local plumbers,
sent a different workman every time, as one by one
each refused to go back down there.

The sole exception to this obstinance was one nimble
fellow had been a tailgunner in a B-29.

The entire problem was fortuitously resolved when,
in the late 60’s, the old place caught fire and had to be demolished.

Phil Huffy practiced law long enough. Trained to think on his feet, he continues that custom, then writes things down at the kitchen table. Recent placements of his work include Northwest Indiana, Better Than Starbucks, Bindweed, Eunoia, and Plum Tree Tavern.