Lamentation · M.P. Carver

*A cut-up poem made from words found in titles from the November 2017 issue of *Poetry

When   did   I   grow   up   from   dreams   &   want?
I   study   false   feedback   to   distraction,
adopt   security   in   a   world   of   nightime,
search   the   windows   for   a   beloved   cloud –

  my   handsome   balm.

M.P. Carver teaches creative writing at Salem State University in Salem, MA. She is an editor at YesNo Press, former Poetry Editor of Soundings East, and miCrO-Founder of Molecule: A Tiny Lit Mag. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Jubilat, 50Haikus, and Meat for Tea, among others. Her chapbook, Selachimorpha, was published by Incessant Pipe Print Works in 2015.