Karakoz *

Anne Elezabeth Pluto

They claimed your name
the black flag gang
of killers and camp followers
strings of wives in black
and silent resignation - spying
on their neighbors in the name
of an absentee God. You rest in
Nile ooze - always flowing
in pleated linen and gold
sandals - lapis and scarabs
Cleopatra wore you as a necklace
a second skin - a suicide note
written in snake - You never
die - riding hippopotamus side
saddle in the muddy underworld
welcoming souls and taking their
measurement in careful hieroglyphic
script they raise their awful flags
and cover their faces - the executioner's
visage is always well hidden good
riddance let the rivers open - the sea
part and swallow them whole. You will
turn a tired painted eye as they are
hurled before you legions of killers
suicide vests remaining on spines severed
heads from bodies - no Kara koz virgins waiting
in this hot heaven - you will unleash
the peacock angel - and the murdered
mothers and grandmothers bones made
flesh in the resurrection of Sinjar - the
unearthed mass grave - what horrors
they have left in their wake - in the
mouth of the goddess with the
damaged name.

*Black eyes

Issue 1 : Fall, 2016