Jump Start · Jyl Ion

The professionals act like
the theft of half my life was
they didn't mean to.
In a cloak of benevolence
under the guise of medicine
/ help / undercover
and POOF!
almost twenty years
My anger
no longer a symptom once
I left the reservation.

So, now what?
I challenge their ideas
and practices,
me with my brain still just in tact enough
to recollect.
Me, with anger enlivening my eyes
while I sit in their waiting rooms
like a threat.

They try and calm me
with kindness
they bill for and
take notes about
except I'm not in confession
I know this is

I've got to jump start my life
again like I've had to
and begin
          and again,
and again.

Jyl Ion is a poet, visual artist, and forensic medium. Her work appears in Anthony Award nominated Protectors 2: Heroes and Asylum Magazine among other publications. Originally from Trinidad, she now lives in the United States where she nurtures orchids and faces the blank page. Find her on twitter @jylanaision.