Jeff Weddle | Comes to This

Jeff Weddle

Excerpts from Comes To This

You Know Her

Beautiful girl has
no umbrella, she carries
her shoes in the rain.

She’s a sonata
minor chords and broken glass
ashtrays, lies, spilled wine.

The Light of the World

Paula knew how to write a poem.
Her words bit and held
and every line was better
than any line you could write.

Paula drank Jim Beam
straight from the bottle
and chased it with beer.

Paula sent her poems to the magazines
and the magazines said she was a miracle.

Paula ate pills until her hands shook
and she could barely move.

Paula read her poems in the bars
and the drunks hooted
and laughed and talked loudly
among themselves.

Paula tried to hang herself
in the living room

using a ceiling fan
and a leather dog leash.

Paula stopped reading in bars
and sending her poems to the magazines.

Paula fell off the porch
and broke her leg in three places,
lay writhing on the lawn
for a half hour until a neighbor
finally heard the screams.

Paula quit writing and works
in a factory making pre-packaged
breakfast food.

Paula danced with the gods
and the gods fucked her good.
But the magazines were right:
Paula was a blinding miracle.

Never heard of her? Isn’t that
the way it works?

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