Jeff Weddle | Heart of the Broken World

Excerpts from Heart of the Broken World


She felt she was a saint
maybe Christ
and though the burden was hard
having no choice
she carried it well.

Her small room had light and heat
only a few hours of the day
but she had her typewriter and paper
and there were always parties
in the way of artists and writers
and there was wine and smoke
and she enjoyed long walks
in the cold Paris evenings
bundled in sweaters
and the expectation of happiness
coming sometime soon.

Love was always available for a moment
even for a plain girl like her
but not the love
for which she had crossed an ocean.

That love had casually fled to Africa
with a young beauty
even before she arrived
and was, in any case, impossible.

She had visions of the divine
and wrote every day for hours
and kept the pages safe in big trunks
which she was certain
the world would someday know.

What became of her is a mystery
and the trunks are long vanished
but maybe she is in heaven
at the right hand of God.
This is my prayer for her blessing.

I Like to Think You Killed a Man

I remember every detail
but some things I keep
to myself.

It’s not the way I want it
but you don’t like to hear
and no one else
gives a damn.

Shall we agree
that the Germans wore gray
and you wore blue?

That’s a way to laugh things off
and laughing is for the best

Sure it is.

As always
the usual suspects
know nothing

and awkward goodbyes
like train stations in the rain
linger in dreams
and in the bloody bandages
we call art.

Someday you’ll understand
but I never make plans
that far in advance.

Green Light

she was in the corner
reading Gatsby
and we were all drowned
and stupid with youth
the play of beauty
on a page was everything
and she was in the dark corner
reading Gatsby
as the guests danced
and drank in the light
she was unaware, golden
sitting in the corner reading Gatsby

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