Issue 6 · Winter 2018

Issue 6 · Winter 2018

Welcome to Issue 6 of Nixes Mate Review.

Up here in Boston we could use some of that fabled global warming everyone's talking about. Our navigational hazard namesake is encrusted with a briny rime. With climate change, we may lose Nixes Mate to a 3 meter rise in sea level, but it'll be warmer. Of course, this being New England, we'll complain about that. Complaining about the weather is encoded in our DNA. So are fried clams, Citgo signs, sports empires and poetry.

2017 was a busy Nixes Mate year. We published 18 books of poetry, 1 book of short fiction and 1 best of Anthology. We felt manic about it because the world was going to end. We're still manic about the world ending, but we're going to slow the publishing pace down. 1 book per month in 2018, with our 2nd best of Anthology to make a nice baker's dozen.

Submissions for the Spring issue open January 15th. Read write read write read write is the only cadence we should march to. Happy New Year!

Parenthetical | C. C. Russell

A Note to Benger, Way Out in Kansas | Scott Silsbe

Traveling East to West In West Virginia Takes Some Doing | Carl Nelson

Jukin’ | Carl Nelson

Ice Cream Truck | Spencer Smith

#MeToo | Mari Deweese

My fate was now decided | Margarita Serafimova

Lost at Sea | Susan Mann Dolce

not even your ghost | Linda Crate

The Ghost-Me | Corey Mesler

I used to be a king | Corey Mesler

The Graveyard of the Beach Chairs | Alan Catlin

The Sea Watchers | Mark DeCarteret

Warning | Pris Campbell

Why I Live in Adamant | Janet Pocoroba

out into the darkness | Ryki Zuckerman

Robert Frost in Russia | Tim Kahl

Final Deploynent | G. F. Boyer

A Short History IV | G. F. Boyer

The Luxury of Having | Tim Kahl

No Baby | Scott Silsbe

the ghost orchid | Ryki Zuckerman

A Translation of Static in the Darkness | C. C. Russell

All works copyrighted by their authors; all rights reserved.

Header image copyright Wendy Leja