Issue 5 · Fall 2017

Issue 5 · Fall 2017

Welcome to Issue 5 of Nixes Mate Review.

Hurricanes, both politically and meteorologically, have dominated the news this past year. If you step outside of that entropic, emotionally draining funnel of fake fake fake news, international pseudo bravado, palace intrigue and sports, you will find a small navigational hazard in Boston Harbor continues to be a force in literature, a paradise of poetry and short fiction, a paradise with a growing and exciting library free of winds, free of Bise, Chinook, Mistral, Sirocco, Shamal, Gibli, Tehuantepecer, Estian, Diablo, Fén-Fēng, and Crivăț; free of questions no one wants to ask; free of lights that never go out, a darkness that illuminates, a winding sky, a coin in the gutter; free of sea monsters, but never Melville; free of Navy ships adrift off the shoulder of Orion; free of retirement and shelter, a wished for lottery win; free of migraines and gashed open thumbs. This is our one year anniversary. We want paper.

A Secret | Philip Nikolayev

Neural Tones | Bill Yarrow

Ozzie and Harriet and the Debutante of 1938 | Doug Holder

Giving Evidence | John Grey

Gutted By Generational Reality | Meg Tuite

Stripper’s Carnival | Kay Kinghammer

A nose for my own | Matt Borczon

Serenade | Suchoon Mo

Fishing | Gene Barry

Woman with Dog (Frau mit Hund) | Larry Dean

Burning by One’s Body | Devon Balwit

Designs in Nature : Photo Essay | Paul Brookes

Siblings Songs Of Transformations | Edward Mycue

Like a Clyfford Still Painting | William Doreski

Be Kind, Rewind | Neil Silberblatt

Return to Lom-Ling | Adrian Slonaker

Answering the Crumbs | Donald Zirilli

Driving Home from Your Wake | Don Zirilli

Arithmetic | Philip Nikolayev

Stung | Kenneth Pobo

Out of the Closet / Into the Tomato Patch | Kenneth Holt

Some Dare Call It Treason | William Doreski

Before | Ryan Quinn Flanagan

Dousing our Genoa | Gene Barry

A Continuing Response to Walter Savage Landor On His Seventy-Fifth Birthday | Kay Kinghammer

On her deathbed, she said | Lisa DeSiro

Psycho | Doug Holder

Executing The Trade | Bill Yarrow

All works copyrighted by their authors; all rights reserved.

Header image copyright Wendy Leja