Issue 4 · Summer 2017

Issue 4 · Summer 2017

Welcome to Issue 4 of Nixes Mate Review.

Summer, that season of discontented contentment when the twin-barreled human indulgences of violence and leisure become an estranged microburst; when tree branches, pedestrians, small animals, unhinged children along with various signs, portents, carriages, bicycles and small cars become enmeshed in a chiaroscuro of debris along the Charles River.

Alchemy | Seth Jani

My House First | Catherine Arra

No Sanctum | Catherine Arra

Water Aerobics | Catherine Arra

Sister | Emma Johnson-Rivard

Misguided Pathos | Angela Dragani

The Jar with the Dry Rim | Jessica Purdy

Accident | Jessica Purdy

Twelve Naked Men | Pris Campbell

No Longer Safe | Pris Campbell

Vietnam Memorial III | Zvi A. Sesling

Black Moon | Zvi A. Sesling

Waterslides in Auxiliary Hospital Washroom | Daniel Thompson

Summer is a Dream | Gary Sokolow

Strips of Cooked Flesh | Robert Beveridge

Bosch & Keaton Hide Behind a Poem About a Deer | Jim Zola

Sabotage at the Subliminal Tape Factory | Jim Zola

When Kudzu Takes Over | Jim Zola

Medium of Release | Michael Istvan

Vacant Houses | Ernest Gordon Taulbee

Fat Thumb On The Scale | Bart Solarczyk

Dear Ron | Bart Solarczyk

He's Talking Again | Bart Solarczyk

Glass Alibi | Charles Kell

Parade Drain Paranoia | Samuel Cole

Swan | Natalie Crick

A Fire Without Light #493 | Darren Demaree

A Fire Without Light #494 | Darren Demaree

A Fire Without Light #495 | Darren Demaree

Near Miss | Robert Stout

Echoes of Doris Day | Pam Munter

First Date | Lisa Brognano

Hailing a Taxi | Lisa Brognano

He said only eat half | Jason Baldinger

Forward | James Croal Jackson

recipes | Mark Young

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