Issue 3 · Spring 2017

Issue 3 · Spring 2017

Welcome to Issue 3 of Nixes Mate Review.

Spring came early in Boston this winter. But now that it is Spring, Winter spits its last breath at us. As we edited this issue, a theme emerged that surprised us ... Death. That infamous black page. Alas, Poor Yorick, we only knew him on social media. Nixes Mate Books now has five books out with more in the coming months.

what one meant to do | Mark Young

About | Roberta Gould

Sudden air | Francesca Castano

high jinx | Bud Backen

I live on a Finger Lake now | Megan Bell

August | S.E. Clark

Earhart's Blackbox | Sam Landry

Beauty Sits at the Table | Tim Suermondt

Manchester Show, Valentine’s Day | Roberta Gould

The Man Who Danced Everywhere | Tim Suermondt

An Old Man’s Love Poem Sung on the Royal Canal | Mick Corrigan

SILENCIO & the Southern Devil | Heriberto Yépez

thicket | Bud Backen

The Dollhouse | Tímea Gulisio

Helen | S.E. Clark

The First Time We Had Sex, We Got Sweaty & | Megan Bell

Why I Live with My Parents | David Rodriguez

My four year-old has bruised his foot |
Jared Pearce

Kaddish for Chantal| Elissa Rashkin

Anniversary | Alan Britt

Change | Jared Pearce

Death trip | Kurt Nimmo

Funeral Service | Danny P. Barbare

blindness in the sun | Kurt Nimmo

The Chosen People | Elissa Rashkin

Burning Leaves | Daniel Fitzpatrick

In A Deserted Farmhouse | Richard D. Houff

All the Hungry Years | Mark Jackley

Dream of Death | Mark Jackley

Winter Days | Mark Jackley

The Janitor Says We Have to Serve | Danny P. Barbare

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