Issue 15 · Spring, 2020

Issue 15 · Spring, 2020

Social distancing is a new literature, a bitter cup of surveillance and incompetance that asks us to accept our ruin with equnamity. We quarantine ourselves with tigers and exotica, with mean-spirited declarations of better days ahead, with books, even if the "books frighted them terribly."¹ Who will pay this bill of masks and ventilators and food gone off? Who will free us to become nomads once again, a notebook in our pocket, "forever naming the contents of (our) territory, it is impossible (we) will not become a poet."²

Sunday · Edward Lee

Lake-Effect · Seth Jani

Port Huron · Gloria Monaghan

Spatterdock Song · Gloria Monaghan

Cielo · Samuel Swauger

El Condor Baranquilla · Nina Alonso

Interlude · Kerry Loughman

Difficult To Cure · Robert Beveridge

John the Baptist · Lorraine Caputo

What if God is Strict · Gloria Mindock

empty spaces sing louder to me · Pris Campbell

A Homeless Patient Explains the Cause of his Keloid Scars, · Robbie Gamble

A Quick Easy Way To Learn To Ride A Bicycle · Zvi A. Sesling

Audiology · M.J. Turner

In my house girls got the best · Joe Cottonwood

Strayed Ephemera · David P. Miller

Uncuntable · Mary Lou Buschi

Mannequin · Bill Ratner

Climate Change · Brad Rose

Tagged · C.C. Russell

Grace against the Clock · Kevin Stadt

The Barrow · Anastasia Vassos

Something I Didn't Want to Hear · Kevin Ridgeway

Early November · Scott Silsbe

haunted relics · Heidi Blakeslee

Ordinary Nimbus · Seth Jani

Mother Cabrini · Alan Catlin

Fossil · Jess Skyleson

Fragmenting: A Sonnet in Infinitives · Yuan Changming

¹ Daniel Defoe · A Journal of the Plague Year
² Bruce Chatwin · The Songlines

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