Issue 13 · Fall, 2019

Issue 13 · Fall, 2019

Welcome to our 3rd anniversary issue. Goodbye to the summer of procrastination. Welcome to the fail of corruption, the veil of stupidity. Welcome to pocket door mishaps and disrepair. Welcome to loose miters and tight copes. Welcome to a sluice of hope squeezing through a cataract of despair. Welcome.

Plovdiv, June 2000 · Lisa DeSiro

Our Game · Judy DeCroce

Unfrequented Whispers and Returns · Richard D. Houff

Hermit Crab Uses Discarded Doll’s Head as Shell · Robbie Gamble

The hip-bone · D.S. Maolalai

Sophie Podolski · Nick Zaffiro

Coffee Shop · S. E. Clark

Old-Fashioned, God-Fearing · Gerald Yelle

White Stripe · Holly Day

From the Sunset Limited, Leaving Our New Life · Marianne Szlyk

The Pleasure of Texas · Brad Rose

Upon Considering A Photograph On My Studio Wall · Peaco Todd

Alliance · Brett Biebel

Drinking Irish Whiskey on the Red Line or the Missing Puzzle of Shane MacGowan’s Teeth · Sean Thomas Dougherty

Oprah’s Frozen Pizza · Heidi Blakeslee

Done Eden · Daniel Moore

Sitting in the Lecture on Opiods · Melissa Rendlen

On the Kitchen Floor · Kevin Ridgeway

An Afternoon in Little Italy · Rae Rozman

Husbandry, or, London Pubs You Should Try · Janet Bowdan

Toronto, Mon Amour · Kevin Tosca

Stay to the Body: a series of found poems · Melissa Saunders

Avalon · Patricia Carragon

Gray Love · Wilderness Sarchild

Devil’s Proverbs · Mary Birnbaum

Off the Path · Ann Howells

April 30th, 2019 · SB Campisi

Feliz Cumpleaños · Clara Ronderos

The Tertiary Stage · Bill Yarrow

Ferlinghetti Autographs My Book · Zvi A. Sesling

I will not leave one word out · S. Stephanie