Issue 12 · Summer 2019

Issue 12 · Summer 2019

Welcome to Issue 12 and the summer of treason, of treachery, of internment and concentration, of horror and Uranium 235, of tankers and drones, of obfuscation and incompetence, of poetry and prose. As the thunderstorms pass you can smell the rising seas, taste the aluminum-like ozone, touch the poetry and prose in the cooling air and maybe you'll see a double rainbow, one matte, the other glossy and shimmering.

Ghazal of Sleep · Mark J. Mitchell

No Trespassing · Jyl Ion

Separated from Others · Melanie Du Bose

Call me · Maisie Houghton

Grief · Nathan Lipps

Thirst · Len Kuntz

Post Card to Thompson Jan. 5, 2019: Kitchen Confidential Revisited · Alan Catlin

What Passes for Salvation in Salina, Kansas · John Dorsey

Poems from Three Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors · Pamela Miller

The Color Blue Is Never Mentioned By Homer · CL Bledsoe

Interviewing Wayne Gretzky, Hartford, 1980 · Barry Peters

Headfirst · M. J. Turner

Sympathy · Max Heinegg

Picking Crab · Max Heinegg

Omelette aux fines herbes, 1970 · Susan Goodman

Untitled 1 · Khadijah Lacina

Untitled 2 · Khadijah Lacina

Untitled 5 · Khadijah Lacina

Today’s Goddesses: My Daily To-Do List · Sarah Bigham

Lights in Dark · Sara Epstein

The Judge · Robert Steward

Psychokinesis · Robert Rickelman

Plastic · Gloria Mindock

The Last Word in PTSD is Disorder, Which is Not Exactly the Best Word Choice · Ron Riekki

Unsaid · Agnes Vojta

Lifeline · Agnes Vojta

Open 24 Hours · Paul Negri

Lost · Terry Persun

Excavations 17 · Doug Bolling

From a House · David P. Miller

Round Trip · Anatoly Molotkov

Because We Had No Maple Tree · Laurel Miram

Somehow There Are Still Deer · Melanie Greenberg

What I’ll Miss · Ed Meek

End Note · Sibani Sen

Cover Photo by Lauren Leja