Issue 11 · Spring 2019

Issue 11 · Spring 2019

Welcome to issue 11. After an action-packed AWP full of astounding readings, book selling phenomena, and Portlandining with friends we are back in what appears to be the most hated city in the country. Or, at least that's what one Uber driver in Portland meant when he said Boston sucks. This is one of our biggest issues. Sit back. Enjoy the fantastic poetry and fiction. Don't let the windmills bite.

Jump Start · Jyl Ion

Innocent April · Belinda Subraman

Tuesday · Matthew Borczon

Nine First Fridays · Ed Meek

Putnam Avenue, Spring · Lynne Viti

Before Hudson was Your Name · Daniel Pizappi

Gramercy Park Farmers’ Market · Jennifer Martelli

Postcards from the Road · Gregg Shapiro

At Padgett’s Place · John Dorsey

Needlepoint Roses · Jason O'Toole

cape ann · Mark DeCarteret

Iceland · Howard Faerstein

What I Want to Say Driving Home After My Mother’s Checkup · Christine Jones

Disaster · Mike Nichols

Evacuation · Lauren Scharhag

Contradiction Express · Cindy Veach

Life Mask, John Keats · Eileen Cleary

Death Mask, John Keats · Eileen Cleary

KC · J.D. Scrimgeour

JM · J.D. Scrimgeour

Things That Happened Once · Scott Silsbe

I turned to look over my shoulder · Richard D. Houff

i met tom hanks · James Croal Jackson

Group Portrait with Bullet Wounds · Alan Catlin

Braganzas · Mitchell Grabois

We Don’t Look at Each Other · Tim Staley

new nursing home LPN · Luke Kuzmish

Leave it Running · Phil Huffy

Four One Hit Wonders · Andrew S. Guthrie

The Small Cowper Madonna by Raphael · Vera Kroms

Soft Music · Heidi Blakeslee

The First of December · Francine Witte

Rothko Panel Two · Jonathan B. Aibel

Hartwill Paradise · Matt Dennison

White Lies · Jeanette Powers

Chimera · Lauren Scharhag

Cover photograph by Andrew Guthrie