Issue 10 · Winter, 2019

Issue 10 · Winter, 2019

Welcome to Issue 10 of Nixes Mate Review. We were shutdown, not because of walls or intractable and genetic stupidity, but because we coudn't leave well enough alone just days before going live. A new design, a new look, seemed like the thing to do during the week between Christmas and New Years. Did the shutdown prompt one of the writers we chose to ask that we not publish their poem because they "would like to free it up for other magazines". Free it is and good riddance. Despite that, this remains one of our largest issues with new voices, returning champions and a renewed dedication to publishing great writing and presenting that writing unencumbered by clutter, cookies and useless arcana.

In Taos Pueblo · Steve Nickman

The Senses of the Progression · David Dephy

I Came So Close · Lane Scoggins

Blue Hill · Robbie Gamble

The Triumph of Death · Kenneth Pobo

Smokestack · John Riley

Ray of Hope · Fabrice Poussin

Something is Up · Judy DeCroce

Plum Island, August · Jennifer S. Flescher

Husk of a Whale · Sara Fitzpatrick Comito

Firefly · Xiaoly Li

Everything on this wall clouds over · Simon Perchik

American Sentences · Lisa DeSiro

Weather Ghazal · Lacie Semenovich

November 21st · Richard Luftig

One Way Journey · Fabrice Poussin

How to Make Meatballs · Ed Meek

College Dining Hall · Timothy Gager

Undeniable Songs · Kathleen Clancy

How to Set a Ruby · Dennis Daly

Gateway to Nowhere · Fabrice Poussin

Until You Cross the River · Daniel Moore

The Tug of Gravity · Catherine Arra

Ajar · Gale Acuff

Bathtub Marys · Catherine Fahey

The Park · Gloria Monaghan

Victory Garden · Gloria Monaghan

Absent · Antoni Ooto

Dream Sequence · Zofia Provizer

Far Outside, Into the Night · D. M. Kerr